• Coin Toss: determines Home team for single games, and choice for doubleheaders
  • Forfeits: Teams that forfeit must pay full umpire fee of $70
  • Scrimmage: In the event of a same day forfeit, teams may agree to stay and play a scrimmage. If so, umpire will stay and call the game and receive customary $3 per player
  • No Guilt Tripping: No, you are not allowed to ask for or use a male or female player from another league team unless suggested by the opposing manager – specifically, to avoid a forfeit.
  • Managers: Keep your baboons on a short leash. We’re down to 8 wonderful teams, let’s keep the spirit of the East Village alive!
  • No Ringers: Male players must have played 8 or more games to qualify for playoffs. Players who have been on the same team for more than 4 years are grandfathered in and my play in the playoffs regardless of how many regular season games they have played.
  • Postponements (The 24 Hour Rule): Managers must give opponents a heads up the day before a game with plenty of time to alert teammates. The team that postpones must contact umps as well to let them know.
  • The 20-Minute Rule: No one wants to win by forfeit. But if your players are running late, you have 20 minutes to start the game or other team is awarded a forfeit victory. The team you’re playing may have players who have to leave early on the back end. If doubleheader, next game still starts on time if that time is needed for players to arrive. 2nd game time can start earlier if all parties are in agreement. Keep communication open.
  • Good Faith: We are a community league, every team should work well with each other and make your best effort when it comes to rescheduling. Things happen, work happens, life happens. Don’t hold grudges or take a request to reschedule personally. We all want to play each other at full strength but it is what it is. Team that postpones is responsible for a loss if game is not played by end of season. Let’s keep it fun.

Game Rules

  • Pitching This is a modified league, 90 degree rule in effect. No crossing plane of shoulder, no slinging, no sidearm, no palming, no bullshit. Pitchers must start with one foot one the rubber. They may rock back but no extra steps or running up to the rubber.
  • Bases: Bases must be 60 feet
  • Umpires: No cursing at, yelling at, smart-mouthing or disrespecting umpires. Bad sportsmanship will NOT be tolerated. Period. If a player is thrown out of a game, he is automatically suspended for his team’s next game. (If thrown out of game 1 of a doubleheader, he must sit out game 2) Also: only a bench player can replace ejected player in the line-up. If you have no bench players, team will take an out during ejected player’s batting position in the line-up.
  • Topo Rule: If a player threatens, pushes or touches an ump or refuses to leave the park and continues to heckle or in any way antagonize the umps or other players he/she will be suspended from the league until further notice. Upon review by the rules committee, a written apology and a face to face meeting with the umpire and rules committee a player may be reinstated into the league.
  • Sliding: Runners must slide or give themselves up. At home plate, catchers and pitchers must stay out of the base line unless throw pulls them into it. Avoid contact at all costs – umpire’s judgment will be respected.
  • Leading: No leading on delivery or when ball crosses the plate. Runner may move on contact ONLY.
  • DH/EH – There is no DH in the EVSA, only EH. You may EH 1 male and 1 female player. Additional EH’s may be negotiated by managers. If a team has only one female, they may NOT add and EH into the line-up. If both teams only have 1 female the rule is waived and they may both add an EH.
  • Pinch Hitting: There is NO pinch hitting. New batters must have played defense for at least 1 batter, even latecomers.
  • Courtesy Runners: Each team can have one courtesy runner. Or must be equal number from each side and notated on lineup and agreed upon before game. In game injuries happen and are treated with good faith.
  • Late Players: Male players may arrive after the game has started and inserted at bottom of lineup with no penalty. Still must play defense for 1 batter before hitting. Male player can also leave early with NO ‘automatic out’ penalty.
  • BAts: Bats are communal in this league. If you don’t want the other team using your bat, don’t bring it. Simple as that.
  • Fielding: Players must field no more than 8 male players and 2 female players unless otherwise negotiated by managers.
  • No Free Substitution: Lineups are golden. As in baseball, when a starter is taken out of the lineup, he/she may not return. Obviously with 9 males one can be an EH and players can shift around the field and rotate on the bench. But if you have extra players, choices must be made. That’s managing.
  • Balls in Play: The ball will be considered ‘in play’ on the field turf only, not the concrete or grass. Any ball caught on turf is an out. An overthrow from the infield out of play results in runners moving up one base, overthrow from the outfield that goes out of play or into the dugouts results in runners getting two bases.
  • Soccer Goals / Light Trucks in Outfield: Nobody likes these. If a ball is hit into a goal or stuck in a truck, throw up your hands. Umpires will stop play and judge where the runners go. Make your case, and then respect the umpire’s judgment.
  • When Female Players are At Bat: Pitchers must ease up to the ladies unless they ask for the junk. Outfielders must stand beyond the brown infield and can’t move until contact.
  • Mercy Rule: Game 1: A team losing by 15 after 5 must throw in towel, or if losing by 12 after 5, losing team still gets their at bats, winning team plays defense only. Game 2: A team losing by 15 runs may opt out of finishing the game after 5 innings is completed.
  • $10 after 10: Umps will each receive $10 if a game goes more than 10 innings.

Managers and Umpires, please keep a copy of these rules in your game bags. Have a great season everyone!